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Devil's Marble

Devil's Marble

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Ghosts manifest through sensory phenomena. Devil’s Marble can be used as a “trigger object,” a highly sensitive device that flashes at the slightest vibration or movement. Ours is made of hard non-toxic plastic with a unique shiny red exterior and internal lights that flash red, orange and blue for a particularly eerie effect.

Turn it on and set it in a strategic position you want to test. If it lights up with no obvious physical stimulus, this may be the work of unseen forces. Once you’ve made contact, try asking yes or no questions. If Devil’s Marble flashes, it signifies a response.
Devil’s Marble works any time of day, but for optimal results use in a dimly lit or darkened environment. Keep sounds to a minimum. It’s a good idea to have cameras, audio recorders and other equipment ready to document any potential interactions or responses.

The first light-up sensor designed exclusively for ghost hunting, Devil’s Marble provides an impressive 168 hours of performance, seven times more than competitors – a phenomenal value.



  • Press the button to turn the device on or off. The ball will flash orange, red and blue lights whenever it senses vibrations or movements.

  • Set it up in a location you want to test!

  • If it lights up with no obvious physical stimulus, this may be the work of unseen forces!

  • Once you've made contrast try asking yes or no questions. If the Devil's Marble flashes, it signifies a response




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“This is the first time we’ve been here that this thing has read zero”

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